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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ep. 23: Spielberg In A Fridge

Top Ten Once Again! This time its top ten Speilberg movies (directed). Marshall joins us again, and provides only the brand of over the top sarcasm he can provide. We also go over the San Diego Comic Con that was (or kind of wasn't) and try not to stab each other in the eye! We plug in and let you listen to our INSANE rants! Got it? Good. Here it is, Speilberg in a Fridge!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

EP 22: Japanese Consent Kit

A Guest! Marshall James joins us for a lively and intense discussion about his adventures in L.A., his adventures in Professional TCG. We talk Inception, a bit of comics (yup), and we travel to many other dangerous places of discussion. Mel Gibson, Japan, and Lantern Corps-ner gets the treatment.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ep 21: Morty and Perfuma are Married

Dinoweek! The guys explore their top ten dinosaurs, a very nerdy top ten indeed. Best part was it was listener demanded! We also delve into Marvel's Ed Norton saga (late I know, but it's how it goes), and another delirious episode of "Ask Matty!" with the gates of hell firmly open, can we stay alive? Who's ready? We are!! Ed Norton The Vanisher

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ep. 20: Shyamalan is Cheating On You.

It's all about The Last Airbender's destruction on our minds this week, a return to SPECULAAATTTTEE- with theme music! This time its speculation on San Diego Comic Con The ever-popular Lantern Corps-ner and the usual roll of news bits, sprinkled with a hint of sarcasm and satire. But me and M. Night, we're done. I'm no longer in a relationship status on Facebook. - Jaysun

Saturday, July 10, 2010

EP 19: Culturally Enlightened

Exploding out of the toy box, ORCCAcast returns!! We look at the deep psychological ramifications of Toy Story 3 and its preceding short film "Day and Night." We explore an interesting news week, that I dare not spoil here. And the return of Lantern Corps-ner is imminent! If you pour a bowl a cereal before you listen, make sure it's not Rice Krispies, they are too loud! It's ORCCA 19: Culturally Enlightened.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ep 18: Special!

We wrap up the best of E3, exploring (and exploiting) our predictions, loving the new products, and hoping for a fun gaming future. We also finish our Top Ten DC Heroes! Revealing a lot of ourselves only leads to more humiliation! We revel in it! We do the usual news rounds, about DC exclusives and reveal the winner of our "Acknowledge Us" Contest! We are also joined by special guest, Fangirl Confessional's Anime Guru Kerry! Sit back, blare some Barry Manilow, have a nice warm glass of shut the hell up, and put your feet up it's Episode 18: Special!