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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

And then there were Fore!

Rounding out the crew of this intrepid enterprise is me, Robert! There's not much to say at the moment. Everyone seems to be reveling in their nerddom; shall I do the same? I'd rather not, I've always detested writing about myself, so in lieu of the usual introduction I'll write about what we hope to accomplish here.

There are a lot of voices on the internet... too many in fact. So we thought we would add ours. The breadth of our topics will range from movies, television, comics, anime, video games, literature, and we reserve the right to not talk about anything listed above.

So sit back, relax, turn up the speakers and enjoy four grown men talking about childish things in a most adult fashion. (That would be once we publish the first podcast!)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Looking into the Abyss ... and the Abyss waves back! O hai! Blanton here!

Greetings! Michael Blanton here! You can call me Michael, but, in the end, most people end up calling me Blanton. I was invited to join the ORCCA crew, and hope none of you live to regret it.

I'm here to add my two cents on discussions ranging from Pokemon to Poison Ivy, Apocalypse Now to Zelda, and all points in between ... that are nerdy. 'Cause I'm a Nerd, and proud of it.

I'm sure I'll have a more specific niche in this group before too long, but you can always expect me to spout random useless facts along the way. Whether or not they are relevant to the discussion will be another matter entirely.

I love to be entertained, and to entertain others, so hopefully this experience will benefit us all.

Cthulhu fhtagn!

Jaysun has risen!

Second crew member for the Orccacast here, Jaysun! I have a blog of my own at On the Original Recordings Concerning Cool Acronyms, we try as hard as possible to make the unentertaining the opposite, and vice-versa! Thought that Iron Man trailer sucked? We'll make it fun for you! Thought the Iron Man trailer was awesome, we bore you with unending ramblings! Or do we? You decide! Or don't! Or eat grilled cheese!
We sincerely hope to deliver nothing but entertainment about topics that just don't get enough audio coverage. Who cares about reading? Wouldn't you rather hear a nice soothing deep voice serenade your canals? Yes, yes you would.

- Jaysun 


This is the home of ORCCA: Original Recordings Concerning Cultural Activity. This is Richard, the first of four crew members and over the next few hours we should be introducing ourselves as well as what exactly the show is going to be all about. Everyone's had a start somewhere and this is ours!