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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Episode #45: Hey, Don't Dig Yourself A Hole...

So now that you guys have read Mike's notes about our trip to C2E2 we're going to go over our experience as a whole! Get some great personal insights into the second year of Chicago's aggressive new con as well as what exactly makes a good con experience. Thrill with Kinsel as we relate stories about butlering, using your kids as a front for your own selfish desires and how asking intensely stupid questions about spoilers can net you original art providing you're cute enough. That not enough for you? Well great because we've got our insights into the new Cap trailer as the rest of the crew finally caught up to what I sneaked at work on Monday! We also watch Mr. Popper's Penguins because SOMEONE needs to talk about it since Fox sure as hell isn't. Plus we have what may be the darkest installment of Lantern Corpsner EVER!

Also, wondering who Newton Gimmick is? Well you should go check out his site here. We mentioned him on the show and like a total moron I forgot to put anything in the blog post so you guys could see who we were talking about. He's got quite a bit of C2E2 coverage so you can see all the things I forgot about when I left my real camera at home.  Plus lots of reviews!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Michael's Adventures in Chicago!

Back from Chicago! Whew! What a trip! Why am I yelling!? Hang on! Lemme turn me down!




Okay. That's better. Talking loud over the titular wind in the Windy City, as well as the loud-as-hell Greyhound "shuttles" to the con from the hotel (and vice versa) will cause a little increased volume. Nevertheless, WE'RE BACK, BABY! (Sorry. Last time. Well, not really. I had a few "squee" moments. Just Keep reading.)

So, we left for C2E2 (The Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo) Friday morning around 5:30 am. The drive took around 6 hours or so. Along the way, somewhere in Indiana, we saw windmills.

See? Pretty huh? I thought so.

So, we made it to the con. Not the biggest I've been to (Remember, I've been to Dragon*Con.), but the first comic-centric con.

So, the big thing I was excited about was getting to go to panels. Friday night, I got to go to the first DC Nation panel since last October.

From L to R: Bob Wayne, Gene Ha (bottom picture), Paul Cornell, Scott Snyder, Gail Simone, Bill Willingham and Dan DiDio. I have to admit, there wasn't a lot of news broken, unfortunately. DC is getting ready to close out Brightest Day and start up FlashPoint, and then the landscape of the DCU will be "forever changed by the events."

What we did get, though, were the beginnings of a campaign to get Paul Cornell a Capitan Marvel book. Fingers crossed.

Overall, really fun time at the panel.

Later that night, on the recommendation of a work friend and the concierge at our hotel (The Chicago Towers Sheraton) --

-- we went to a pizza place called Gino's East. Do yourself a favor. If you're ever in Chicago and want some FANTASTIC deep dish pizza, go to Gino's East. Look for this on the inside:

Saturday, I went to two panels. First up was China Mieville. Now, by listening to the podcast, you should know Mieville is one of my favorite authors right now. I am a huge fan. After going to that panel though --

-- I am a MASSIVELY HUGE fan. He was brilliant. In fact, I am going to do everything in my power to get him on the show. Until then, do yourselves another favor and go buy his books. Then read them. The City & The City is a good start.

Next was the DC Icons panel. It was a huge panel.

In this pic, from L to R: Tony Daniel, Ryan Benjamin, Kyle Higgins, Paul Cornell, Don Kramer, Phil Hester and Dan DiDio.

In this pic, you can see Bill Willingham being Dan DiDio's butler, due to a lost bet. Hilarity ensued. Not pictured is Eddie Berganza, who was the moderator of this particular panel. Again, the panel was very entertaining, but no real news was announced.

Saturday night, we went to a Chuck panel and signing. The actors were amazing, but the moderator was ... less so. Morgan, Captain Awesome, Jeff, Lester and the co-creator of the show were there. We also got a signed poster, which was cool.

Sunday was the day of all days. I got to meet two of my favorite creators, have them sign a book or two, and then got an awesome sketch.

First the sketch --

-- Franco (of Tiny Titans fame) drew me a Firestorm. Isn't he adorable?

Next, was me with Bill Willingham --

-- really great guy. I hope to see him again.

But, the highlight of the con for me was getting to meet one particular creator. He started off on Doctor Who, did Captain Brittan and MI:13 with Marvel, and now has been chronicling the adventures of Lex Luthor in Action Comics --


Super guy. I really want to get him on the show too.

Anyway, those were the highlights of my C2E2 experience. Granted, that's not everything that happened ... for that, you'll have to listen to the show. Also, I have a few more pics that I'll be uploading to my personal Facebook page, so definitely check them out.

So now I'll leave you with this --

-- That's right ... the Sheraton had Microsoft Surface tables. That is all.

Friday, March 18, 2011


We're back after a week break and boy we hope you missed us as much as we missed you! A lot happened in the gap so we waste no time getting to it here! Ever wonder what the Space Jockey looked like before he was all mummified-like?  Well we describe how it looked (in a Dark Horse comic anyway) as we SPECULATE on the true nature of Ridley Scott's upcoming 'Prometheus'! Before we get to that though, we've got some funkadelic music discussion for me to distract everyone with! Plus: our plans for C2E2! Express yourself with the ORCCACAST (or we'll remove "It's Raining Men" from the Jukebox)!

UCLA Chick

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bonus 2: What? Concede Your Point in my Moment of Triumph?

Everybody loves Star Wars, especially me. There's a personal passion to everyone's love of the franchise whether it's a battalion of Scout Troopers from the 501st teaching survival tips at a Boyscout meeting or some guy building a Dewback in his backyard. Never mind that the real story behind the Dewback guy would be how in the world he keeps his marriage together during something like that, because this is the internet age and we don't ask questions. Anyway, we occasionally keep recording after an episode proper is finished and we got running on the subject of the beloved sci-fi/fantasy multimedia franchise after we'd wrapped up for the day. What was the mystery of Sifo Dyas? Well if you're crazy like me then you already know but you should listen to me bitch about it as part of why I find Episode II so unsatisfying anyway. What's the meaning of being the chosen one who brings balance to the force? Well before these weird new episodes of Clone Wars that cover that wrap up, listen to us pontificate on it here. Can Marshall bring up a point that wasn't predicated by those Red Letter Media reviews? I don't remember but I'm thinking not. Has anyone seen a movie directed by Irvin Kershner besides Empire (I have but I doubt anyone even knows what the Flim Flam man is)? No, Robocop 2 doesn't count. Thrill to this and more, as the mindless Battle Droids of the Internet Age once again mount their mechanical assault on those of us who don't look on Episode I as some sort of cross-dimensional form of child abuse! KRAAAAAAAAAAAAYT DRAAAAAGONSSSS!!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Episode #43: Pardon Me, Do You Have The Warlock Time?

WHO'S READY FOR SOME POST-OSCAR GENTLEMANLY DISCUSSION?!?!?!? I know we are, but that's just one of the many things we cover this week because you can thrill (and chill) to a new Top 10! Hear about the Battlestar Galactica boardgame and endure through our excitement about the release of Pokemon Black/White! What's Tarantino's next project going to be? Well, we're not sure either but that's not stopped us before! All that plus: Grand Theft Auto 5 rumors! Get ready for a ruthless massacre that only sealed envelope action can give you!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hasty-ass picture post: Green Lantern Classics wave 2

As you can see, I'm no great photographer. I thought it would be nice for everyone to get a look at these though, as the first reports of them appearing just showed up yesterday.

In short:
-Stel: Probably my favorite BAF they've done

-Sodam Yat: Pretty good for mostly reuse

-Carol Ferris: New buck is great but arms are still very thing. Pay close attention to her eyes when buying

-Lantern 3-pack: Below average value but B'dg is the last note anyone need play on the character

-Change-o Green Lanterns: Naut Kel Loi's fishbowl makes his head a pain to switch but he looks great. Medphyll looks good but less exciting visually.

-Change-o Red Lanterns: Nite-lik looks awesome though his head has difficulty holding poses and there's no symbol underneath his chest piece, forcing you to buy both carded variations (or two carded Skallox's I guess)

-G'hu: $15 for Stel's arm was a little steep.

You can see more exciting commentary in the forums at Poe Ghostal's page!