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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Episode #45: Hey, Don't Dig Yourself A Hole...

So now that you guys have read Mike's notes about our trip to C2E2 we're going to go over our experience as a whole! Get some great personal insights into the second year of Chicago's aggressive new con as well as what exactly makes a good con experience. Thrill with Kinsel as we relate stories about butlering, using your kids as a front for your own selfish desires and how asking intensely stupid questions about spoilers can net you original art providing you're cute enough. That not enough for you? Well great because we've got our insights into the new Cap trailer as the rest of the crew finally caught up to what I sneaked at work on Monday! We also watch Mr. Popper's Penguins because SOMEONE needs to talk about it since Fox sure as hell isn't. Plus we have what may be the darkest installment of Lantern Corpsner EVER!

Also, wondering who Newton Gimmick is? Well you should go check out his site here. We mentioned him on the show and like a total moron I forgot to put anything in the blog post so you guys could see who we were talking about. He's got quite a bit of C2E2 coverage so you can see all the things I forgot about when I left my real camera at home.  Plus lots of reviews!


  1. I know the Jesus/Hell sign. It's not always the same. It changes every few months. The windmills are pretty awesome. Because there are just hundreds and hundreds of them. They're really neat at night with all the lights blinking.

    I didn't notice as many guys who "looked like they should be watch Jersey Shore", on Friday... However on Saturday, there was tons of those sort of people. Saturday was very crowded. You almost couldn't move at times. Which was annoying.

    They also ran out of food and soda on Saturday. Which was terrible.

    "I'm here to meet Thor!", I was literally laughing at loud at that one.

    No mention of meeting world famous internet celebrity, Newton Gimmick? Bastards.

  2. I thought we did mention you NG! My bad as it's on me to remember vital details like that.

  3. Haha, thanks for the update. Indeed you did, I appreciate the linkage.