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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bonus 2: What? Concede Your Point in my Moment of Triumph?

Everybody loves Star Wars, especially me. There's a personal passion to everyone's love of the franchise whether it's a battalion of Scout Troopers from the 501st teaching survival tips at a Boyscout meeting or some guy building a Dewback in his backyard. Never mind that the real story behind the Dewback guy would be how in the world he keeps his marriage together during something like that, because this is the internet age and we don't ask questions. Anyway, we occasionally keep recording after an episode proper is finished and we got running on the subject of the beloved sci-fi/fantasy multimedia franchise after we'd wrapped up for the day. What was the mystery of Sifo Dyas? Well if you're crazy like me then you already know but you should listen to me bitch about it as part of why I find Episode II so unsatisfying anyway. What's the meaning of being the chosen one who brings balance to the force? Well before these weird new episodes of Clone Wars that cover that wrap up, listen to us pontificate on it here. Can Marshall bring up a point that wasn't predicated by those Red Letter Media reviews? I don't remember but I'm thinking not. Has anyone seen a movie directed by Irvin Kershner besides Empire (I have but I doubt anyone even knows what the Flim Flam man is)? No, Robocop 2 doesn't count. Thrill to this and more, as the mindless Battle Droids of the Internet Age once again mount their mechanical assault on those of us who don't look on Episode I as some sort of cross-dimensional form of child abuse! KRAAAAAAAAAAAAYT DRAAAAAGONSSSS!!!!

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