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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ep. 17: Squeequel

This week we go headlong in to a burning discussion of our top 10 favorite DC Heroes! This week, it's 10 to 6! We do a post E3 brief before next weeks debrief! And we hit up some more Lantern Corps-ner. Obviously there are plenty of jokes for you to enjoy so throw on those headphones and listen how quiet Jaysun is versus Michael! Boom Baby - Orcca

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ep. 16: Do You Have a Power Glove?

Google I/O Talk, and Tech Talk in general highlights this week's entry. We delve into recent video game releases and many random news bits are touched upon. Let the Orccacast crew guide you through the rough waters of randomness. All this and more, Robert takes a week off, we dis many people and love just as many! It's Do You Have a Power Glove?
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Want to win a copy of H.E.R.O. Vol. 1: Powers and Abilities, subject of our first Book of Whatever? Well write us a nice critique, or anything, and the best gets the book! That's it. creative, funny, original, bland, boring, we pick our favorite.
- Jaysun

P.S. I was close to amazed when I saw we had downloads from Asia, until I realized, yep, it was Mattbot. All hail Mattbot!

Monday, June 14, 2010

S3: Extravagant E3 Extravaganza

Our third special, covering the annual promise-making event to gamers (and 40% usually turn out to be lies) with much pretense and speculation.
We see if Xbox can continue dominating the core gamers.
We speculate if Sony can win back it's lost marketshare by doing what they should have been the entire generation.
Wii watch Nintendo unveil more surprises (or not).
We make some outlandish predictions and pretend to know what we are saying, You know, the usual fare. Maybe you can hear Jaysun this time, who knows!
It's Quin-E, EEEEE, the Extravaganza!
Also, look to the right. You see that poll? Vote please? Maybe?
Contest begins this week, listen to the show for details and to see the super cool
prize we're giving away.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen Orccacast is on Stitcher Radio.

Sometimes getting the show on itunes is a pain, I know. Sometimes finding a way to listen to the show on the go is an equal problem. Well, we solved it (for most). Click on the link, get the app, and on web-enabled devices (smartphones, ipod touches, zunes, computers, tablets, yaddayaddayaddas) you can listen to us on-demand. Whenever you want/can! And if you have to stop listening, it can pick up exactly where you left off after closing it. It's sweet, I know. I (Jaysun) have it for webOS, Michael will have it for Android, and Robert will have it for iPhone soon enough. You should too! Plus, you can search and browse for other swell podcasts after you dispose of your Orcca fix. Click on the link above and keep your ears on stand-by.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Ep.15 Chiwetel Ejiofor for Black Panther

This episode we hit back the ever popular

Another "interesting" (read evil) interview with Matty Mattel..and special guests.

We also introduce our brand new weekly Segment:
Lantern Corps-ner (using Lantern related topics to explore all aspects of pop culture).
Here is the List, by Lantern Symbol. This is bead art ladies and gentlemen.

Bead Art Provided by Jessica Barker and she has a host of similar bead art creations (focusing on Video Games) on this clickable link.
Check this out:

Awesome stuff right?

Oh and the He-Man collection I speak of in said Podcast? It's here: