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Monday, June 14, 2010

S3: Extravagant E3 Extravaganza

Our third special, covering the annual promise-making event to gamers (and 40% usually turn out to be lies) with much pretense and speculation.
We see if Xbox can continue dominating the core gamers.
We speculate if Sony can win back it's lost marketshare by doing what they should have been the entire generation.
Wii watch Nintendo unveil more surprises (or not).
We make some outlandish predictions and pretend to know what we are saying, You know, the usual fare. Maybe you can hear Jaysun this time, who knows!
It's Quin-E, EEEEE, the Extravaganza!
Also, look to the right. You see that poll? Vote please? Maybe?
Contest begins this week, listen to the show for details and to see the super cool
prize we're giving away.

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