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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ep. 16: Do You Have a Power Glove?

Google I/O Talk, and Tech Talk in general highlights this week's entry. We delve into recent video game releases and many random news bits are touched upon. Let the Orccacast crew guide you through the rough waters of randomness. All this and more, Robert takes a week off, we dis many people and love just as many! It's Do You Have a Power Glove?
Don't forget to visit Stitcher Radio and send Orccacast to your smartphone (provided you have one) for any occasion you get bored during. We can help!
Want to win a copy of H.E.R.O. Vol. 1: Powers and Abilities, subject of our first Book of Whatever? Well write us a nice critique, or anything, and the best gets the book! That's it. creative, funny, original, bland, boring, we pick our favorite.
- Jaysun

P.S. I was close to amazed when I saw we had downloads from Asia, until I realized, yep, it was Mattbot. All hail Mattbot!

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