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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Slight Delay ...

Hi, OrccaFans! (We considered calling y'all WhaleWatchers, but ... anyway ...) As you may know (since we talked about it in the past two episodes), half of the OrccaTeam is at the wonderful Baltimore Comic-Con! While the other half of us languish here in squalor and sorrow, the production side of the team is living it up, hobnobbing with the stars! Unfortunately, that means we missed our (now) standard Friday release window. So, when they get back in the land of Wi-Fi and have access to all of the super-high-tech (and illegal in seventeen time-zones, thirteen planetary systems and 37 multiverses) production equipment, the OrccaCast SHALL RETURN! Meanwhile, please enjoy this infinitely looping silence we have selected for you. It was cultivated from the deepest mines of Wakanda, crafted to empty perfection. So sit back, and listen ... and enjoy!

Monday, August 23, 2010

TV's only powers that matter return in September

That's right Eastbound and Down is returning for a second season on HBO, which they've apparently been working on in secret for the last year or so. I heard about this is April but this is the first piece of concrete proof I've seen. As you can see from the image, Kenny's off to play on a baseball team in Mexico with the female lead from Nacho Libre as the love interest. Yeah I know looking back at Nacho Libre is kind of reaching for a lot of you but I'm not sure what character she was in Cop Out. Kenny's father is also rumored to be in this season though who's playing him hasn't been announced.

I have no clue how popular this show actually is, I just know me and Jas love it death despite the many awful reviews I've read. I think it's just a little too off-center for a lot of people as a lot of the humor is extremely screwed up and the main character is such a mean reprehensible bastard. Then again there's a pile of Futurama figures in our local Toys R Us conspicuously absent of Bender so there you go.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Ep. 26: BBC- Blustering Brits Crabbing

Hey, we're back and less bigger than ever (one less person than last week!) 2 segments are introduced in this episode. First is "Trailer Trash," we pick 3 bad and 3 good trailers and we give hilarious commentary, sometimes. Second "Parliament," we plug into the BBC feed of a Parliament Session for a hot button issue you all need to hear (it involves a superhero!). Another parody song via Sir Jason Lynch, this time Kings of Leon get another thrashing. And we start another top ten. Top Ten Marvel Heroes! Let's do it, so runteldat...homeboy!

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kick-Ass creates many pun intended news stories with it's DVD sales

Jas told me earlier this week that Kick-Ass has been really living up to it's name as far as the DVD and Blu-ray sales are concerned. Encouraged by this I had to see the numbers and frankly I've been amazed! I was waiting to see them in one of the newsletters I get at work but it was definitely worth being spoiled! It hasn't broken any insane records yet but it's definitely doing well as it's got about the same market penetration on Blu-ray that Avatar did when it was released.  Some places are calling the numbers more closely against Diary of a Wimpy Kid then what I've picked here, but I can definitely say it was a good day for Chloe Grace-Moretz as she was in both of them.

Vaughn said that the sales of Kick-Ass would determine whether or not there was a sequel so I can only say I'm incredibly pleased at the sales so far and I hope he's feeling likewise. X-men: First Class is shaping up to be either amazing or bizarre but Kick-Ass is more then enough to for me to try and give Vaughn the benefit of the doubt. Needless to say I'm going to be watching them like a hawk in the near future.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Ep. 25: Silver Anniversary

This is it, what we have been building to guys. Huge deals happening. HUGE guest Poe Ghostal from makes a lavish and hilarious appearance on our show. We make the magic here, and he enhances it. We talk about Mattel, his previous experience, his life, and Lovecraft. Great interview folks.  All previous guests return, 2 with a new twist, one from another country. Yep Matt's back. Marshall and John are here, get hyped! And Kinsel makes a triumphant return. Speculate, Ask Matty, Lantern Corps-ner (a sort of greatest hits) and general pleasantries. Jaysun makes his first singing appearance on the show, in a song you must hear to believe. Plug in those headphones, turn off the tv, put in your favorite bathsalt, we are good to go. After this, everything changes.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

EP. 24 3 B's and Dirigibles

Here we are guys, nearing the silver anniversary of ORCCAcast! This episode John Dennis (JD for short) returns to sprinkle his brand of antics on ORCCA once again! We delve into his Top 5 Spielberg films, a new (and probably only) segment from Jaysun about The Disney Channel (yep), numerous shoutouts, and Lantern Corps-ner. Shake it to you left, and shake it side to side, it's Episode 24, 3 B's and Dirigibles!