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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kick-Ass creates many pun intended news stories with it's DVD sales

Jas told me earlier this week that Kick-Ass has been really living up to it's name as far as the DVD and Blu-ray sales are concerned. Encouraged by this I had to see the numbers and frankly I've been amazed! I was waiting to see them in one of the newsletters I get at work but it was definitely worth being spoiled! It hasn't broken any insane records yet but it's definitely doing well as it's got about the same market penetration on Blu-ray that Avatar did when it was released.  Some places are calling the numbers more closely against Diary of a Wimpy Kid then what I've picked here, but I can definitely say it was a good day for Chloe Grace-Moretz as she was in both of them.

Vaughn said that the sales of Kick-Ass would determine whether or not there was a sequel so I can only say I'm incredibly pleased at the sales so far and I hope he's feeling likewise. X-men: First Class is shaping up to be either amazing or bizarre but Kick-Ass is more then enough to for me to try and give Vaughn the benefit of the doubt. Needless to say I'm going to be watching them like a hawk in the near future.


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