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Monday, August 23, 2010

TV's only powers that matter return in September

That's right Eastbound and Down is returning for a second season on HBO, which they've apparently been working on in secret for the last year or so. I heard about this is April but this is the first piece of concrete proof I've seen. As you can see from the image, Kenny's off to play on a baseball team in Mexico with the female lead from Nacho Libre as the love interest. Yeah I know looking back at Nacho Libre is kind of reaching for a lot of you but I'm not sure what character she was in Cop Out. Kenny's father is also rumored to be in this season though who's playing him hasn't been announced.

I have no clue how popular this show actually is, I just know me and Jas love it death despite the many awful reviews I've read. I think it's just a little too off-center for a lot of people as a lot of the humor is extremely screwed up and the main character is such a mean reprehensible bastard. Then again there's a pile of Futurama figures in our local Toys R Us conspicuously absent of Bender so there you go.


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