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Friday, April 30, 2010

Ep 11 Telepathic Victorian Romance

Yes, I was incorrect about the episode count on Facebook...sorry. We are at 11. We will be posting 12 soon, as it was recorded pretty quickly. 13 will be up after that as well, we are on a roll here! And a special suprise later. For now we have a special guest in John Dennis, pop culture prince of darkness! He contributes his thoughts to our group discussion on the current and future state of comic book movies. I am trying a new file size and rate, so please let us know how it sounds.
These pictures will make sense after you listen.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Episode 10 Mattpocalypse Now!

Welcome to Episode 10. We are joined by our special friend Mattbot this week, straight from the military! Ready to answer our questions. And ask too many. This episode we discuss Brightest Day 0, The Flash #1, Speculate returns, and a special segment called "Ask Matty." We ask head of public relations at Mattel burning question and get...unique responses. In typical Orcca fashion, you will laugh.
Some have asked about past episodes. They are coming. Make sure to email, post comments here, or talk to us on Facebook. We would prefer an interactive show, and would love to read your written responses on the air. Come on, I know you want to.
We will have a lot of shows this week, sorry, lots is happening.

- Jaysun

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Episode 9: Squindigo

75% are back from Chicago, 25% are moving to new digs. And 100% of us are in the new podcast! This episode includes Blackest Night #8 spoilering, SPECULATE!, and Video Game Wrap Up. If you care about comics and haven't read Blackest Night #8, then why are you reading comics? If you don't then it doesn't matter if we spoil does it? We record tomorrow and we should have a consistent schedule starting with this week's show. If not, blame Robert, I always do! I actually don't, I blame myself...mostly...
Also, we will begin a monthly podcast with some of the crew, called It's Super Effective! Yea, it's Pokemon, but so what? It's still us and we still entertain, you'll love it.
On to Episode 9: Squindigo!


Jaysun's Photos

Mark Waid's Awesome Flash Story Signature

Greg Pak's Planet Hulk Signature

Jeff Smith Signature for Bone One Volume Collection

Finally some Marvel Sketches!

This Hercules was drawn inside of my 'Smash of the Titans' hardcover by Fred Van Lente. He was an incredibly cool guy and I feel extra guilty for still not having gotten around to reading any of 'Action Philosophers' or the 'Comic History of Comics'. This is also only the first part of something; Fred didn't specify what but he told to come by to see him and Greg Pak at the Marvel booth later on. Unfortunately I didn't make it due to the eternity that was the line for Alex Ross. Jas posits that it might be Greg drawing Amadeus Cho but until I see him we can't be sure. Here's hoping the two of them come to Baltimore!

Paul Pelletier drew this Nova for me at the Marvel booth, after doing a Hulk for the guy in front of me. I wish I'd had the 'War of Kings' hardcover for him to sign. *Sigh*; maybe someday.

Hawkeye by Jim Cheung. I was a little surprised when he asked me which Hawkeye I wanted as I'd kind of forgotten about Kate from 'Young Avengers'. Jim did say as far as he knows, she's going to be keeping her name so I guess her and Clint will both be going by it in the near future. Jim McCann next to him but he left before I could ask him to sign it. They're both very very cool guys though. Jim once gave me directions to Dan Slott's table at Wizardworld!

This is my awesome Baron Zemo bust I got for $18; sorry I just felt like showing off. This is my second Marvel bust (after Hercules) and I've been planning to get him for years. Yes, that is Jas' copy of Gurren Lagann that I borrowed next to him.

The 3rd post of C2E2 sketches

Cliff Chiang did this gorgeous Traci Thirteen for me; someday I hope to get a Doc Thirteen to go with her.

Jeff Smith busted out this Fone Bone and Ted the bug for me after I wore the poor guy out with my stack of hardcovers to sign. He apparently hadn't seen the original individual hardcover Bone volumes in a while so it was nice to surprise him.

Hawkman by Franco and Hawkgirl by Art Baltazar. They're the team from 'Tiny Titans' that also write 'Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam' (with art by Mike Norton); they've been to every con we've gone to for a while and we always are sure to stop by.

The required 2nd post because of space limitations

Supergirl by Jamal Igle, a favorite of ours to see. He was sitting next to Paul Levitz who is an extremely nice guy as a sidenote and a lot less intimidating then I thought he would be.

Jim Calafiore made this Ragdoll for Jen while Gail Simone was signing next to him.

Patrick Gleason sketched this hilarious Mogo for Jas. I love his little hat.

C2E2 Gallery

Well we have a new episode coming later today but I thought I would give some teasers as to what happened to us at C2E2 in the form of the sketches we got. One of them isn't with me, one's a surprise for later and one I can't show... yet.

Jonah Hex by Jimmy Palmiotti. That's Garth Ennis' signature up top but... it's a long story we'll talk about later.

Jas' sketch of Arsenel by the hilarious Phil Hester.

Captain Marvel also by Phil, who was very relieved halfway through to learn that I did mean Billy Batson and not Mar-vell.

Mike Norton did this great Black Adam for me. Robert asked why he was smiling while saying 'grrr'. I think it's because he's having to pose for a family picture with Isis and Osiris.

Black Canary by the very very tall Mike Norton.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Off To Chicago

C2E2, the con Chicago DESERVES! (so they say) is this weekend, and 3/4 of the crew is heading up there! This will be my first year not attending Wizard World Chicago since 2003, but C2E2 promises to be what WWC hasn't been in a few years, a comics show. Lets see what they have. We will be reporting live from the event (Palm Pre's and Iphones in hands)and will do a healthy re-cap next week. So much traveling makes a guy's head spin. I'll be penniless on the trip, so have a good meal on me! Or send one my way! I accept care packages, send a St. Bernard if you must.
That picture is not of any of us, I took it from
It's a good picture, dontchya think?
P.S. Read that Kick-Ass...Kick-Ass (did I really type that?) review by Richard!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Episode 8 Tokyo Debrief

Welcome young ones (or old ones, we don't discriminate) to another installment of The Orccacast.
Today, we delve into Jaysun and Richard's Tokyo Trip, a potential director for the Avengers, the evergreen Captain America discussion, and much more hilarious conversation (so we think, if you don't I can't help you anymore).
Dive in, listen up, download, do whatever! It's time for Tokyo Debrief!


Exciting new content: Richard's 95.7% spoiler-free review of 'Kick-Ass'! Warning stream of consciousness ahead!

Last night, I was able to watch Matthew Vaughn take a comic I enjoyed and turn it into a movie I loved. Mark Millar's story was brought to life with the verve and punch to create a modern classic in the superhero genre. It's not as mean as the comic is and takes a number of very different choices but many of them are fascinating if not better paths to take; the 'Hollywood ending' that many have hinted at isn't so much part of the finale as it is an impetus for the climax. The stakes are a little higher and while some of the events from the second half of the series have been cushioned, it helps in creating drama and enhancing the character arcs. Vaughn is one amazing director to be sure and I'm waiting with bated breath for his next project to be announced. His talent is evident in the co-writing of the screenplay with Jane Goldman, who also co-wrote 'Stardust' with him. Every choice in the movie is interesting if not fantastic. All the action sequences have a different flavor and feel, from kinetic to claustrophobic to traumatic. Anyone directing an upcoming action movie should be sweating bullets at this point because essentially any scene featuring Hit-girl is a new classic for anyone's highlight reel. She's going to be something that everyone talks about, much the same way it was with the source material. Credit, though, needs to go to Aaron Johnson for giving a lot of gravity to the title character; I think it could even be argued that he's more interesting in the movie then he was in the comic where things kind of stalled around issue #3. They picked up when the duo of HG and Big Daddy appeared but that never happens here. Big Daddy himself is portrayed in a very interesting way by Nicolas Cage; he definitely grabs onto the surreal aspect of the movie's content and gives interesting points to the character in both of his identities. Be forewarned, many of the things involving his character are part of the movie's biggest changes but that could be a result of the movie being shot long before the comic was even finished. Mark Strong is very entertaining as crime boss Frank D'Amico and leaves a much stronger impression here then the character ever did in the comic. He's dangerous but still very funny in the process of being a genuine threat; the interaction he has with his legion of thugs is definitely a highlight of the film's dialogue. Christopher Mintz-Plasse also had a few aspects of his role altered but they likely won't be as noticeable until much later. In the meantime, he gives a hilarious effort as the Red Mist; the scene of him and Kick-Ass in the Mistmobile is one of the funniest things in a film since the end of last summer. It's a scene where every part of making a film comes into play especially the genius use of music. The pacing is great and with a runtime of 118 minutes it never feels too long and it's a great team effort from everyone in the cast to keep your interest. From the top billed to the most minor mafia goon everyone has something to make them memorable; in fact, the latter offer some of the movies biggest laughs. It's an excellent technical movie as well and it definitely leaves you excited for whatever is coming next from both Millar and Vaughn. Accurate to it's source material in all the important ways, 'Kick-Ass' impresses even when it deviates; while I'm looking forward to 'the Losers' it's got quite the hurdle to get past when it's released next week as the competition is steep.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Episode 7 Blackmarket Nintendogs

Jaysun enters stage left!
Our first post! We start at Episode 7. Most shows have the first six episodes, we don't. Eat it! (Actually, we are posting them later, this is the first episode with Michael, thus the first to be posted.)
So, click the links, relax, play on your favorite player [Zune for me, Ipods for Robert and Michael, and nothing for poor Richard, feel pity for him].
Listen Up!