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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Finally some Marvel Sketches!

This Hercules was drawn inside of my 'Smash of the Titans' hardcover by Fred Van Lente. He was an incredibly cool guy and I feel extra guilty for still not having gotten around to reading any of 'Action Philosophers' or the 'Comic History of Comics'. This is also only the first part of something; Fred didn't specify what but he told to come by to see him and Greg Pak at the Marvel booth later on. Unfortunately I didn't make it due to the eternity that was the line for Alex Ross. Jas posits that it might be Greg drawing Amadeus Cho but until I see him we can't be sure. Here's hoping the two of them come to Baltimore!

Paul Pelletier drew this Nova for me at the Marvel booth, after doing a Hulk for the guy in front of me. I wish I'd had the 'War of Kings' hardcover for him to sign. *Sigh*; maybe someday.

Hawkeye by Jim Cheung. I was a little surprised when he asked me which Hawkeye I wanted as I'd kind of forgotten about Kate from 'Young Avengers'. Jim did say as far as he knows, she's going to be keeping her name so I guess her and Clint will both be going by it in the near future. Jim McCann next to him but he left before I could ask him to sign it. They're both very very cool guys though. Jim once gave me directions to Dan Slott's table at Wizardworld!

This is my awesome Baron Zemo bust I got for $18; sorry I just felt like showing off. This is my second Marvel bust (after Hercules) and I've been planning to get him for years. Yes, that is Jas' copy of Gurren Lagann that I borrowed next to him.

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