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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Off To Chicago

C2E2, the con Chicago DESERVES! (so they say) is this weekend, and 3/4 of the crew is heading up there! This will be my first year not attending Wizard World Chicago since 2003, but C2E2 promises to be what WWC hasn't been in a few years, a comics show. Lets see what they have. We will be reporting live from the event (Palm Pre's and Iphones in hands)and will do a healthy re-cap next week. So much traveling makes a guy's head spin. I'll be penniless on the trip, so have a good meal on me! Or send one my way! I accept care packages, send a St. Bernard if you must.
That picture is not of any of us, I took it from
It's a good picture, dontchya think?
P.S. Read that Kick-Ass...Kick-Ass (did I really type that?) review by Richard!

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