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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Episode 9: Squindigo

75% are back from Chicago, 25% are moving to new digs. And 100% of us are in the new podcast! This episode includes Blackest Night #8 spoilering, SPECULATE!, and Video Game Wrap Up. If you care about comics and haven't read Blackest Night #8, then why are you reading comics? If you don't then it doesn't matter if we spoil does it? We record tomorrow and we should have a consistent schedule starting with this week's show. If not, blame Robert, I always do! I actually don't, I blame myself...mostly...
Also, we will begin a monthly podcast with some of the crew, called It's Super Effective! Yea, it's Pokemon, but so what? It's still us and we still entertain, you'll love it.
On to Episode 9: Squindigo!


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