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Friday, August 13, 2010

Ep. 25: Silver Anniversary

This is it, what we have been building to guys. Huge deals happening. HUGE guest Poe Ghostal from makes a lavish and hilarious appearance on our show. We make the magic here, and he enhances it. We talk about Mattel, his previous experience, his life, and Lovecraft. Great interview folks.  All previous guests return, 2 with a new twist, one from another country. Yep Matt's back. Marshall and John are here, get hyped! And Kinsel makes a triumphant return. Speculate, Ask Matty, Lantern Corps-ner (a sort of greatest hits) and general pleasantries. Jaysun makes his first singing appearance on the show, in a song you must hear to believe. Plug in those headphones, turn off the tv, put in your favorite bathsalt, we are good to go. After this, everything changes.

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