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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Slight Delay ...

Hi, OrccaFans! (We considered calling y'all WhaleWatchers, but ... anyway ...) As you may know (since we talked about it in the past two episodes), half of the OrccaTeam is at the wonderful Baltimore Comic-Con! While the other half of us languish here in squalor and sorrow, the production side of the team is living it up, hobnobbing with the stars! Unfortunately, that means we missed our (now) standard Friday release window. So, when they get back in the land of Wi-Fi and have access to all of the super-high-tech (and illegal in seventeen time-zones, thirteen planetary systems and 37 multiverses) production equipment, the OrccaCast SHALL RETURN! Meanwhile, please enjoy this infinitely looping silence we have selected for you. It was cultivated from the deepest mines of Wakanda, crafted to empty perfection. So sit back, and listen ... and enjoy!

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