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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen Orccacast is on Stitcher Radio.

Sometimes getting the show on itunes is a pain, I know. Sometimes finding a way to listen to the show on the go is an equal problem. Well, we solved it (for most). Click on the link, get the app, and on web-enabled devices (smartphones, ipod touches, zunes, computers, tablets, yaddayaddayaddas) you can listen to us on-demand. Whenever you want/can! And if you have to stop listening, it can pick up exactly where you left off after closing it. It's sweet, I know. I (Jaysun) have it for webOS, Michael will have it for Android, and Robert will have it for iPhone soon enough. You should too! Plus, you can search and browse for other swell podcasts after you dispose of your Orcca fix. Click on the link above and keep your ears on stand-by.

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