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Sunday, January 30, 2011

ORCCAcast Special Event- S5: The Justin Aclin Interview

Back in November we sat down with toy enthusiast, comic writer and all around awesome guy Justin Aclin. Need I mention that he's also the EIC of Toyfare magazine? Well I just did. Anyway, we discuss what exactly goes into making the hilarious Twisted Toyfare Theater strips and Mike completely thrills over 'S.H.O.O.T. First' Justin's creator owned comics project.There's a lot of amazing stuff in this interview and Justin's an incredible guy. Sadly, Wizard Entertainment Group is ceasing physical publication of their magazines in order to focus on new media outreaches. What's this mean for Toyfare which falls under their publishing umbrella? Well it will likely return as an online magazine which we can all look forward to in the near future. For the full skinny, read this article by friend of the show Poe Ghostal (also a contributor at Toyfare may I add). We'll always miss the magazine as there were many Wednesdays where me and Jas would be utterly entranced with the new issue while we ate at Burger King for lunch. You can tell what huge nerds we are for it just by listening to me pretty much shut down during the start of the interview. Toyfare, you will be missed.But we'll be there the instant anything gets moving on the front of their new digital venture. Until then, go out to your LCS, your Barnes and Noble, your Borders. Pick up the new issue and find out what it is we'll all be missing as Toyfare sheds it's physical prison for the freedom of the new publishing age.

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