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Friday, September 17, 2010

Episode #28: The Fuschia Ring of 'Meh'

Once again we welcome the debonair Poe Ghostal from Points of Articulation onto the show as he was just so much fun last time we couldn't resist having him back! We talk about the Mego revival! We talk about how Mezco makes odd choices in their licensed product! We talk about so much I felt like this number of exclamation points is totally justified!Also, our second listener suggested top 10 comes to an end as Marshall names his remaining Marvel characters and we read the list of Kinsel who suggested the topic in the first place. Plus a brand new original song and one of the most passionate Lantern Corps-ner's ever!

Jaysun's Tech Note: Sorry it took so long for this guys, we experience difficulty after difficulty, and it won't happen again. We have taken preventative measures against it, so we will be posting all weekend to catch up. And to say sorry, this episode is SUPERSIZED! So enjoy...

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