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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fun at Baltimore

So now that you've heard about our epic con adventures this year, I'm going to share some pictures from Baltimore. I wish I'd taken my camera with us outside of the con, as downtown was pretty amazing.
Gateway to paradise!

When I saw this I just had to laugh. I'm sure there were angry people, but why? The sign's so sincere I can't think of it as anything but endearing.
The con was sponsored by Ford this year and they were letting people test drive the Ford Fiesta. It's a pretty sweet ride and we even got a goody bag with Spider-Man #1 (1990) in it!

I love these flags. The convention hall is so snazzy; it's all glass, escalators, fountains and awesome sofas.

Check it out! Official Stitcher gear for Smart people who listen to their smart phones! Also our cute little sign and our black market sign-up list.

This was our little alleyway at the con. Not seen: the comic guy with a raffle box that had Brad Pitt from Se7en screaming on it.

Nothing special here; just an idea of the scale of the con.

It's Frank Cho's booth! He wasn't here at the time but I did get a shot of the cool painting he was working on during the con. Like an idiot, I didn't notice that the Bunny has the Right Hand of Doom until Rich Johnston pointed it out later.

It's the BOOM! booth! I love this picture because the Irredeemable poster makes it look like there's someone sitting at the table. Try getting a signature from that guy! As a bonus Mr. Incredible looks like he's about to knock that poor booth worker on the head, while Jack-jack laughs at Elasti-girl's feeble attempts to warn him in time.

I remember this guy! He sold me the 1st (only?) Casanova hardcover for $5 last year and I came back hoping to find the Kick-Ass HC for cheap since I totally know they overprinted it.

One half of the Image booth where luminaries like Erik Larsen,  Bryan Glass, Ryan Ottley, the Luna Bros. and the artist guy from that Godland comic I hear so much about were signing throughout the con.

It's Buzzboy! This guy's super nice every year but I'm not going to lie: this picture was me brazenly trying to get a shot of that cute asian girl on the far right.

Hey check it out! It's Master Chief fighting Boba Fett! This was the booth next to us and this particular piece of Vs. genius taunted us at every turn as it may be the single most powerful child lure since the invention of the Candy bar.

The $5 TPB's place had the "Stan Lee Meets..." hardback for $6; always wanted to read those one shots though I've never really heard anyone talk about them that much. Then again there's never a lot of talk about the mini-events Marvel does sometimes. They also had the standard 400 copies of 'The Eternals" HC for $5. Those T-shirt guys are great, we see them at every con; they had an awesome shirt with all the Robot Masters from Mega Man one time that, like an idiot, I never bought. Haven't seen it since.

I think these guys were my favorite costumed group at the Con. Poor Beachhead must have been sweating like MGM's investor's looking at their quarterly statement. *ZING*

This thing photographs amazingly well. Kudos to it's makers!

I love the guy in this picture; it's like he's dancing a merry jig on his way out after finding some awesome loot. We'll see you next year Baltimore, so stay classy!

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