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Friday, October 1, 2010

Episode #30: Snickerdoodle? I Hardly Know Her!

Today on the show we've got special guest Nikol Hasler of "Real American Family" and "The Midwest Teen Sex Show" fame! Even with the release of her book Sex: A Book for Teens, Nikol has had a prolific career creating content for websites such as the Onion A.V. Club and, contributing a relationship and sex advice column! Nikol sticks around for the whole show so you get to hear what it's like for a normal person to be exposed to such thrilling and evocative discussions, like Lantern Corps-ner, and the sophomore session of Parliament! As well as a brand new original song by our very own Jaysun Lynch, extending his Baltimore trilogy of songs! Will she love it or will we frighten her away forever? Find out in the 30th episode of ORCCAcast: Snickerdoodle? I Hardly Know Her!

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