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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Special 4: Spectacular Summer Movie Wrap Up Spectacular!

So summer ended a few weeks ago and we've now gotten all the grosses we need to tally up just how disastrously off we all were when we made our predictions back at the end of April! We all said it was going to be a weak summer but we didn't exactly know how weak, that's for sure. Frankly, none of us are going to complain since 'Eclipse' came nowhere close to being the highest grosser for the season and there were plenty of surprises to be had, both in what we wanted to see and what we tried to avoid. GASP at the obscene numbers we offer! JEER with us at the Last Airbender again!  RECOIL in disgust at what the Alien Face-hugger really symbolizes even if it's not mentioned in the episode! MARVEL at our resilience in the face of defeat as we face forward at the thought of next summer's offerings!

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