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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Episode #34: Wingin' it to the Babbagepatch

Headlining this week we're presenting the first ever installment of 'Orccasterpiece theater'! We begin with the serialization of the modern classic of deep emotional expression that is 'Faith without Wings'! Marshall rejoins us this week for a trip into the strange world of genre mashups and vague sci-fi concepts we've picked for Trailer Trash, plus a hearty debate involving the worthiness of Killer Croc as the villain of the freshly titled 'The Dark Knight Rises'. Who created Mr. Waylon Jones? What the hell is going on in the trailer for 'The Warrior's Way' and is it worth seeing simply to hear "Ninjas...Damn" spoken by the illustrious Geoffrey Rush? When will we see a sequel to 'Beyond Good and Evil'? Where is the safest animal preserve for a wedding ceremony? Why does 'Force Unleashed 2' have such terrible reviews? How will Marshall tear himself away from that tempting siren Katy Perry? All this and more in an uplifting installment of the candy-coated wonder that is the ORCCAcast!

The Katy Perry Distraction Page Warrior's Way I Am Number Four

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