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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hey look what I bought!

Epic Mickey came out for the Wii today and since Kmart has been having these great coupons with buying various games I cashed all of mine in for the Collector's Edition. I'll be using the coupon I got with that for Golden Sun DS when they finally put one out but in the meantime I think you guys would like to see some awesomely amateur photography of what you get with the Collector's Edition.
It's my game in a box
The Collector's Edition does have 'exclusive packaging' according to it's back, but really that just means everything comes in a relatively nice cardboard box. One that has one annoyingly difficult to open top flap I might add.
Have fun restraining yourself from destroying the lid
Once you take out the little green air bag you get the whole spread: Two console skins, a Wii-mote skin, the bonus disc, the Mickey figurine and the game itself.
If you ever wanted Oswald the Rabbit on your Wii-mote, your dream just came true
I'll never use any of the skins; they're a nice thought but I've never had much interest in them. The graphics on them are pretty cool though, the same image as the box art.
Serious packaging optional

The bonus disc is cool though it comes in a little cardboard sleeve that's sure to scratch it up. Fortunately, if you preordered it (or got one of the Kmart coupons they were offering that apparently is not a preorder according to the fine print) you probably have an extra white case with the same art as the cardboard box. That's what I'll be using to house mine though who knows when I'll get any time to actually watch any of it. I can tell you the four remastered shorts are 'Thru the Mirror' 'Lonesome Ghosts' 'Clock Cleaners' and 'The Whalers'. You've all seen the first two (in fact 'Thru the Mirror' is directly referenced in the game's opening cinematic) but the second two are slightly less famous. I'm interested to know why these two were picked as opposed to something like 'The Mad Doctor', whose antagonist is featured in the game. Maybe when I actually get to the game it'll be clear.

The Mickey figurine is actually a lot better than expected. He is kind of small but he's got articulation at his neck. shoulders, wrists and ankles. The deep crouch is a drawback but it's made to imitate the pose on the cover art. Mickey's mouth is open and there's a dab of red paint in there to clarify his expression; it's nice because there aren't any smudges or smears and the figure is very on-model. The Paintbrush is also removable and has it's own little paint ops on the tip.
Next to Roboto for scale, mostly because he's what happened to be on my kitchen counter at the time

Winner of over 15 awards already?
Then there's the game. It's slid into it's own holder in the back of the box and is exactly what you get when you buy the normal version, right down to the sticker mentioning all the awards the game's already won. We'll have to see what I think of the game itself later partially because I wanted this to be up for all the people curious about the CE, partially because I have to go give my dog a bath.

The complete package, though the skins completely blend into the cover art of the game
Overall not a bad package; with all my coupons I basically paid $20 for this and I got another $30 one by doing so. Getting Golden Sun DS for $5 is totally worth it for me and as a bonus I got all this stuff. However, for those without the coupons I have to say you're basically paying $20 for the figurine. It is very nice but it's not like there aren't others like it in the world. Heck, Jas has an Oswald statue he got in the Disney Store 2 years ago that was only $8, so it's not like there's a lack of Disney figurines out there (at least not a lack of ones that aren't the cool imported ones from Medicom anyway). I'll be back later in the week to give you an idea of what the bonus disc is like, unless it spoils something huge; if that happens, then I'll get back when I beat the rest of the game, long after the CE becomes a pain to get a hold of.  Fingers crossed guys!

In the meantime enjoy more pictures!
Interesting spread
Mickey in his bubblewrap prison

I thought the tail may be articulated but it's not. Likely for the best in light of it's thinness

I wonder if IGN got Collector's Editions for review copies...

Rated 'E' for 'Cartoon Violence' but strangely not 'Comic Mischief'. Though I guess this means the game is full of 'Toon on 'Toon hate crimes...

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