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Monday, February 28, 2011

Episode # 42: Tiger With 4 Balls Cannot Walk

Poe Ghostal returns for another roundtable with your favorite gang of ragamuffins! Why? Because Toyfair just ended and we want to get some of the scoop first hand! Hear me flip out over Techno-Vipers! Ponder what Man-E-Faces "secret accessory" is! Pity all of us as we plan the gradual erosion of our bank accounts for the next year! Plus an Orccacast EXCLUSIVE!

Plus, we discuss some of the new details about Bane's presence in the upcoming 'The Dark Knight Rises'! What about the products Apple may be showing off? That's cool, right? Well you're going to be out of the loop if you don't listen! YOU WANT TO BE IN THE LOOP DON'T YOU?!

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