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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Episode #40: The 1st Annual Australian Nissan Boating Carnival

John "The Thrizzler" Dizzinnis is in the hizzouse this week for a thrill-fest that needs to be heard to be accepted! 2010 is over (I think) and it's time to wrap things up (for now)! Join us as we put a pretty little bow on our favorite things of the past year as Brisbane, Australia provides some bizarre Youtube footage. Also we've got a brand new round of trailer trash to dig through as I point out how the director of 'Pride and Prejudice' has made a psychotic looking action movie for us all to ponder on. Will there be treasure? I just spoiled that. Is there some trash? Yeah, maybe. But if there isn't, there's a rapid-fire session of Lantern Corpsner to help you get over it! High tides and strong emotions overflow in this thrilling installment of the ORCCAcast!

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