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Friday, April 22, 2011

Episode #48: Tall Robots Pictured With Short People

Are you ready for some thrills? Well I hope so because Marshall takes a break from whatever his clandestine project at work is to help us inflict on you our Top 10 sitcoms! Find out what I decree is a worthy cause when I flip out over how stupid and selfish this AT-AT for America project is!
  Plus: Just in time to throw all my confidence in buying a PS3 into doubt Nintendo starts apologizing for how much malaise their fans have for the Wii with the oddly titled 'Project Cafe'!

Related to my bitter spiteful rant:
Life-sized AT-AT to fix America? (Source: Geekologie)

Related because I'm a petty asshole:
Moron masquerading as having an inspirational and worthy cause shut down by Steve Sansweet for not understanding the concept of intellectual property! (Source: AT-AT for America)


  1. I'm only 45 minutes in, BUT I want to respectfully disagree with the Apollo 13 portion. Lovell's Eagle Scout learned leadership skills and grace under pressure led the crew home. The engineers on the ground solved the air filter problem. (This was spoofed in the space toilet episode of Big Bang Theory) (@engineernerd on the twitter)

  2. I just saw this as I sat down to start working on a news post and you make a good point John! I hadn't considered that fact when Marshall was talking about the filter. My fault for being too wrapped up in the timeline of Dick Cheney signing the letter I guess. I can't lie though; Apollo 13 is one of the missions I'm least familiar with, which is a result of the movie coming out when I was a kid. I always thought I should get into the less well-known ones and work my way back! I'll ask Mike about that Big Bang Theory episode as I've never watched any of it. Thanks for commenting as it's always great to hear from new listeners!

  3. Maybe this idea will help the hardcover issues:

    Saved By the Bell? Really? You guys are making me fell old. No WKRP or Newhart?

  4. Yeah, I've looked at doing some binding beforehand, mostly with my complete 'Untold Tales of Spider-Man' run since Marvel seems to be on a mission to ignore that title to death.

    I definitely voted for WKRP though admittedly most of my viewing of it comes from reruns. Newhart was one of the few shows I remember my parents watching a lot but my memories of the show itself aren't super clear. I think I overall voted for more older stuff than the rest of the guys in general though.

  5. When I was a Junior/Senior in HS, and through all four years of college, I only got 3 stations on the TV in bedroom. The only thing funny on at night was Newhart for part of that time and Golden Girls for the other part. I think that created a special place in my heart for both of them.

    Would you guys consider Hogan's Heroes a sitcom?

  6. Hogan's Heroes? Definitely a sitcom! I can't remember if it was in the voting or not though. The system we use is meant to be more fun than definitive.

    Also, Jas is a huge Golden Girls fan.

  7. Jas...on here. (To be clear to everyone, this is the nickname Richard has given me)
    There are too many sitcoms and not everyone's going to be happy with every choice. That's we made our list, anyone can make their list and send it in, we'd love to read it on air.
    Newhart: Love it, but I love The Bob Newhart Show even more, so that got a vote from me. And yes, Saved By The Bell, I'll defend it to the end of my days.
    The binding works only if you have those singles, and the paper quality of the era they are from is less than acceptable. Though, one day, when they make a series I know won't ever make it to hardcover format, I'll go nuts on it.