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Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday News Desperation

So, in my eternal quest to keep this thing timely as well as not consume too much of my time with extraordinarily verbose normal entries, I’m once again going to bring you some exciting news that hopefully you’re not already too aware of. Let the regurgitating commence!

You guys have listened to Episode #48, right? Since I know you did, you heard us talking about Sonic Generations and the plan (this year) for Sega to reinvigorate their mascot franchise. Some interesting details emerged that we didn't have time to cover, the most striking of which is that 'Classic' Sonic will be speechless. I haven't gotten around to playing Sonic Colors on the Wii but apparently Generations will be taking some of it's cues from it. Despite hearing Colors is a quantum leap in quality over any Sonic game in the past decade, I pretty much hear that every time there's a new Sonic game. Either way, I'll be waiting for the inevitable reduction to $10. [Source:]

Blink and you'll miss him

There's been a lot of talk lately about John Constantine returning to the DC Universe proper but Bleeding Cool got the straight skinny from Peter Milligan at the Hellblazer 25th anniversary panel. The Vertigo character, aging in real time for his 25 years, will remain that: a Vertigo character. Rather the version showing up in the mainline DC books will be a separate entity so all the Constantine and DC fans can have their cake and eat it too. Why John gets the special treatment of multiple incarnations while other Vertigo characters entering Earth-1 have had new projects canned remains a mystery to me; I suspect it's because the real time aging is too difficult a mechanic to address for them. Either that or it may be that Hellblazer is the longest running title at Vertigo. Constantine has actually had a few DCU cameos over the years after the Vertigo split, most recently at Green Arrow’s bachelor party, so that may have played a little into the decision as well. [Source: Bleeding Cool News]

For those of you out there that use the Playstation Network, I'm sure you've been riveted by all the crazy developments related to it's total inability to work recently. Sony has copped to the fact that it was an external attack on their network but full details about what's been affected have yet to emerge. Personally, I'm not sure what to think of this whole thing; I'm sure there's some hacker out there who just can't wait for all the kudos he'll be getting at DEF CON though. [Source:]

Hey let's talk about something only I care about! Or at least something where I'm the only person I've met who cares!

Viz Media LLC recently had a stealth announcement that the manga Gin Tama would cease its English publication after volume 23, one that we're only aware of because that volume has 'final volume' printed on the back. Since the series is currently at 39 volumes and counting, I imagine you can see my disappointment. I never expected to get anything fancy here, like the light novels, but the halt of the manga is a worrisome development in the eating-itself-from-inside-out American fandom. Gin Tama actually outsells 20th Century Boys, the title I referenced last week, but it seems safe because of Eisner prestige. Anyway, there's a surprising (to me at least) number of YouTube videos of people railing against Viz so someone else out there cares. Just don't misdirect your fury guys and remember the real enemy: the shrinking global marketplace brought on by you know what

The Avengers starts shooting today if you hadn't already heard from every news outlet on the planet. I'm thrilled, you're thrilled, we're all thrilled. But with that in mind, I thought I'd leave you today with something that left me less than thrilled: the final poster for Thor

Sorry, it's a slow news day

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