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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fun fun work talk and the fallout of the digital eclipse

Hey everyone! I wanted you all to know I'm alive despite the best efforts of my job to kill me (true story). Sorry for the lack of posting guys; I'm a lazy asshole that's been distracted by work but I am trying to endure at a job that delights in finding fascinating new ways to watch me crawl up the stairs after they throw me back down them.

My little netbook is also suffering from an infection by Antivira VA (I think that's what it's called) and I haven't had anything resembling the time to try and fix it. Either way, I'm an absolutely INTENSE nitpicker when it comes to my own writing so it can be a little hard to crank things out when all you can really do is opinion pieces. Of course those are all excuses so it really just amounts to how life inside the monkeyhouse (AKA work) has been driving me crazy as the world of projection is changing drastically; my theater chain is already a maelstrom of inconsistency so it's like working inside of a tornado that's circling a black hole.

Remember you can always harass me on one of the three Twitter accounts I run (@Orccacast, my personal account @Hatethislimit and my bitchin' at work account @Doominbooth) or any of the other guys at their twitters to harass me on your behalf (@khaosbringer, @oansun, @therealkinsel or @hoodie_weather, @AbeL337coln).

But in the meantime, enjoy some thrilling pictures from the dark recesses of my lair! Keep in mind this isn't even covering how I was almost electrocuted back in December because the IT department for the digitals is full of schmucks.

This is the second dumpster we were pushing the projectors into over the past month or so. Yeah, that's right pushing. That's the fire escape you can see there at the bottom where we lifted part of the banister up to make way.

Another lovely angle for you guys to enjoy. You wouldn't believe how much noise these things made and they weren't even the heaviest things we put in there.

This is a hole in the floor we made when we were detaching one of the turrets. Basically, the bolts would get loosened and we'd put a folding chair underneath the turret; we'd leave one bolt loosely attached and then kick the turret until it fell off into the chair. Each time was more nerve wracking than the last and there were 8 projectors so that chair was basically destroyed by the end. We're probably lucky that none of us got a broken foot.
Behold the secrets behind our high-tech disposal process! We literally would just push these huge casings off the fire escape and down a story amidst a shower of sparks.

Hey it's a picture of me taking a picture!

 All videos and the last photo are courtesy of Shoh, my at-work-cohort, without whom this probably wouldn't have been done half as well. Despite the ridiculously improvised nature of what we were doing, there probably won't ever be another time like this in the theater industry again; hell, I'm not sure if any other theaters are even doing this at all. There's surprisingly little talk about this sort of thing, likely because it's a PR nightmare.

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