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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Episode #51: Identity Crises

So we've had a break and now we're ready to ingrain ourselves into your hearts and minds once again! We've all crossed the desert on a horse with no name to bring you another enthralling discussion, now with our brand new designation Planned Banter! We've got a brand new site and everything ( but we'll still be carrying over content from one to the other for the time being. In the meantime, you can thrill to tales of taking a break to read Star Wars novels at the Toyota plant! Gasp in awe at the treachery committed towards the definition of the word 'interesting' when we discuss E3! Futilely shake your fist at DC with us for creating a reboot aimed at people who read comics for 3 months straight every 5 years! Plus: hang onto your tea and biscuits because there's a fresh new session of Parliament after which nothing will ever be the same! Except for all the yelling; that's never going to change.

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