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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer Is The New TV Hotness

It's Chris's time to shine!

     Most people don’t look for new TV series to start in the summer, but I would advise you all to give several a shot for 2011. Most networks broadcast their big shows at the traditional fall times, or midseason replacements. Yet this practice is starting to show its age. Now, some of the best shows around are not on the big networks AND premier in the summer.
     This season’s hottest new program is the legal dramedy “Franklin and Bash”, starring Breckin Meyer and the former Zach Morris, Mark Paul Gosselaar. The two are up-and-coming, hot shot lawyers who don’t really take their jobs seriously and have a certain ”style” to their practice. They attract the attention of legendary L.A. lawyer, Stanton Infeild (Malcolm McDowell), who heads one of the city’s biggest firms. Kickstarting the series’ set-up, he invites them to join their unorthodox practicing firm. The show has great humor and fascinating legal drama as well. Law shows of late have been bogged down with the Law and Order template and this show is a breath of fresh air. It’s a great summer watch and I hope they keep it around for another season. It airs on TNT. 

     Another great show for the summer is “Memphis Beat”. This show is in its second season on TNT and stars one of my favorite actors, Jason Lee as Dwight Hendricks. The show follows the police detective throughout the city of Memphis moonlighting as a local blues singer, with a deep love for his city and Elvis. The show has an ensemble cast that really ties the whole experience together. The show brings a new vibe to the standard police show.

     This summer also offers more new show yet to premier: Falling Skies (the new sci-fi drama staring Noah Wyle on TNT), Wilfred (FX’s story of a man who attempts suicide and then sees his new dog as a man), and Torchwood: Miracle Day (the remake of the hit BBC series) will be seen on Strarz. When most people are watching reruns of last season’s shows, I suggest checking out the new breed. You may find out, like I did, that summer is the new TV hotness.

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