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Saturday, June 11, 2011

UPDATE 2! The Prices Are Alright: Hidden Monster Update

We have FINAL numbers for the weekend, and new rankings after the jump.

Previous Scores and Rankings:

Jaysun: 896
Marshall: 879
Richard: 861
Chris: 769
Michael: 726

Final is $35 million for Super 8. Michael got a bullseye.
Jaysun: -2
Richard: -5
Michael: +5
Marshall: -20
Chris: -5

But, seeing as Michael did NOT give a Judy Moody number, the 5 point deduction washes the gain. So he comes out even. But Richard hit a Bullseye here. Yet, the previous 5 point deduction from underestimating washes it as well. Le Sigh.

Jaysun: -6
Richard: +5
Marshall: -12
Michael: -5
Chris: -5

New Scores and Rankings:
Jaysun: 888
Richard: 861
Marshall: 857
Chris: 759
Michael: 726

Richard moves to 2nd place, with a very narrow lead over Marshall. Nearly 100 points separates third and fourth place. Next week is Green Lantern. That is going to be very very tough.

Original Post As Follows:

Quick Post for our prediction (done yesterday, but posting today)

Super 8:
Jaysun- 33
Richard- 30
Michael- 35
Marshall- 45
Chris- 30

Judy Moody:
Jaysun- 9
Richard- 6
Marshall- 12
Michael- None
Chris- None

Let's hope for Super 8 to have strong legs throughout the summer. It's a fascinatingly good movie

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