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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Prices Are Alright: Post-Hangoverpocalypse update

This is Jaysun, I'm making a quick stop to update the game status, no analysis. My personal life is in disarray, so my input will be brief. I took a break from real prediction.

Opening Scores and Rankings:
Jaysun- 979
Marshall- 971
Richard- 953
Michael- 943
Chris- 932

Hangover 2
Richard: 98 million
Michael: 60 million
Chris: 70 million
Marshall: 66 million

Kung Fu Panda 2
Richard: 88 million
Michael: 92 million
Chris: 85 million
Marshall: 45 million

This is only for the 4 day, as Memorial Day is such a big box office holiday it is taken into account.

Actuals: Hangover Part II- 103 million
              Kung Fu Panda 2- 60 million

I will pull down my score so I'm not insanely ahead because this week we took a big dive.

New Scores and Rankings:
Jaysun: 930
Marshall: 919
Richard: 887
Chris: 849
Michael: 836

X-Men: First Class is the only new release next week. Maybe we get closer this time.

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