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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Prices Are Alright: Mid Memorial Day Weekend

It's been a busy week for multiple reasons but have no fear: I'm here to give you our opening weekend prediction's in Jaysun's stead. Having worked 2 full days of the Hangover already, I can tell you that it's probably going to do better than any of us were expecting but them's the breaks. Anyway...

Hangover 2
Me: 98 million
Mike: 60 million
Chris: 70 million
Marshall: 66 million

Kung Fu Panda 2
Me: 88 million
Mike: 92 million
Chris: 85 million
Marshall: 45 million

So far the Panda's disappointing but Hangover was always going to be stronger during the first few days because college is out. I don't expect a huge reversal in the days to come but I do think this is going to be the second weekend in a row sounding a death knell for the overexposure of 3D; we've got KFP in both versions and one is very obviously outdoing the other. Keep watching this space as this weekend is most assuredly going to throw the whole game into utter chaos!

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