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Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday News: Standing Tall in the Face of Irrelevance When Real News is Happening (Warning! Possible Spoilers!)

It has definitely been an interesting past few days as we sit here waiting through the few days before Thor arrives. I've been trying to keep up with everyone on Twitter and spending so much time on the Tweet stream is starting to make my brain fray at the edges I think. Want to help cure a little of that madness? Follow us on Twitter @Orccacast! Or, if you're already following us, tell your friends! I promise I will try to be more clever; it just hasn't been coming lately because I'm very depressed over not finding my Elite Beat Agents or Rhythm Heaven cartridges.

Speaking of Twitter, there's some gorgeous stuff over on @astro_ron's Twit pics including this little gem here of the Progress spacecraft heading towards the ISS. Yes, it basically is a flying trash can, but it still looks gorgeous. You can check out a highlight reel of some of the pics by looking up the hastag '#fromspace' on twitpic.
Twitter Pal Generals Joes (Follow him @GeneralsJoes; also, follow us if you aren't already @orccacast) has gotten his Pursuit of Cobra Wave 6 figures (aka wave 4 2011 for those of us who enjoy deciphering these things) and they're looking great in a "Hasbro keeps managing to find new hooks to make me buy Snake-Eyes" kind of way. If anyone wants to send some Rock Vipers or a Crazy Legs my way, I totally wouldn't mind. [Source: Generals Joes]

 To be fair they still had the variant covers, but they cost more
I didn't get to pick up Action Comics #900 last week, which is irksome in light of it finishing the Lex Luthor storyline I wrote about here. However, Twitter waits for no man and within a few hours I was well aware of the cosmic shit-storm brewing from the short story where Superman renounced his U.S. Citizenship. Laura Hudson, the lovely editor of Comics Alliance, was even summoned to be on Fox and Friends to discuss it once the backdraft had hit a high note. Everything you need to know about this important development in outrage from the not-reading-comics audience is in this little article here. The last time this kind of thing happened, we got the 'Grounded' storyline so this can't possibly be worse/funny than that. [Source: Comics Alliance]

Does anyone else wish this was on higher quality paper without the weird fuzzy feeling dust jacket?
Speaking of Comics Alliance, for those of you confused by the appearance of a certain Mossy Man-Monster in the pages of Brightest Day, you can get sort of an idea of what exactly the deal with Swamp Thing is right here. Sure it sounds crazy, but it makes more sense than a lot of the stuff thrown at us in Brightest Day #24. [Source: Comics Alliance]

Still bamboozled over the excitement from this picture. Why? It doesn't even give something for all the recent Hawkeye converts to get excited over.
Samuel L. Jackson's copy of the script for The Avengers has been stolen and reports are coming in that production is being halted so some rewrites can be done. I'm hoping Jackson actually gets in some real trouble for this but the people who swiped it are some real jerks to be sure. I'm not sure if it should really require some rewrites but if they're meant strictly as a big middle finger to the thieves then I'm all for it. I hope this didn't screw up the vacation plans for anyone working on the movie though. [Source: Screen Rant]

Oh, and this happened. [Source: The Huffington Post]

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