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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ravings of a Childlike Fantasy World: Jaysun's Movie Dream Is SO Close To Happening.

Stop...whoa...hold on. This is it. This is the day. This movie may NEVER happen, but it is SO CLOSE to being a dream of mine, I must share my thoughts with you. Feast your little eyes on this.

Grant Morrison has written a comic for Liquid Comics, those of vanity projects from Hollywood dreams crushed by minute details such as budget and interest. This, however, is the mighty Grant Morrison, of New X-Men fame, All-Star Superman....well. Whatever the most acclaimed comics of the last 20 years are, he will no doubt have written 70% of them. I exaggerate for effect people. As pointed in the article, this is VS. Like Godzilla Vs. Gigan, Joe Vs. The Volcano, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, King Kong Vs. Godzilla, Freddy Vs. Jason...or others that don't I will not mention. This elicits fun and adventure. Cowboys AND Aliens sounds like a mash-up, THIS sounds like a MATCH-UP! So, Barry Sonnenfield has been announced as director. He does seem to be the go to guy for big, crazy production no one wants to touch. Or the mixture of the Coens, Spielberg, and Burton. So his name attached doesn't mean he will direct. He will probably produce if this INSANE movie ever makes it to production (doubtful). That picture, wow, looks beyond incredible. And really lifts my day knowing it COULD happen. Maybe some insane rich middle eastern, or Indian person will decide this needs to happen.
But if it doesn't, I've decided to lay to you, my incredible fantasy-land other world production cast. If I were executive producer for this crazy, rich person, these are my choices to make it happen. MY FANTASY!

Writer= Grant Morrison, he needs to stay on every draft. One day I would love to read his WE3 script, all I hear is greatness of it's existence. You want some uncredited script doctors? I give two to help out Mr. Morrison remain budget conscious. And of course, my director of choice will help. It is collaborative this movie making business. Ed Solomon, and David Koepp. I realize I have this insane theory that David Koepp is an Alan Smithee-type alias for screenwriter that contractually cannot out their name on a project, but whoever has the alias if it is not Koepp (the fraud in interviews) should be lending expertise on this. Google both if you don't know, but both have their hands on some of the greatest projects that should NEVER work, but they make it happen. Jurassic Park, Spider-Man, Men In Black, Bill and Ted franchise...just as credited. Probably more without credit.

Director= James Cameron a.k.a GOD. The one God I bow to, or whatever you want to say. He can pull off anything, and he has the right gusto to make this happen. I imagine there will not be much dialogue to work with here, so all the naysayers (and there are TONS of them) will be relieved that he will focus on action. Scope? Check. Vision? Check. Foolhardy spirit? Check. Sense of Adventure and Wonder? Check...and mate. This guy reigns supreme. Suck it internet.

Director of Photography= Yes, Mr. Cameron would choose his own, but my fantasy remember? Eduardo Serra. This guy has insane light balance, and leveling eye. He can frame a cheese sandwich and make it beautiful. Unbreakable? Come on? New Harry Potters? Please, cake for him. Girl With The Pearl Earring. He was the only part of the movie that garnished praise. He has yet to really break into the mainstream of cinematography, minus those Harry Potters. But as other talent has proven, those movies don't really aid careers. He would be able to interpret both Morrison's amazing ideas, and Cameron's scope with ease, and still have people notice his touch. Imagine the blue of a proposed Alien Spacecraft landing he could

Music= This is fantasy land, yes. But there is precedent. A collaboration of James Newton Howard, Trent Reznor, and Billy Corgan. All have scored films in the past (Corgan had amazing scores to Ransom and Stigmata. Seriously, skip the movies, listen to the music) and would represent something. Reznor the sophistication and technological drive of an alien species, arriving on earth for whatever crazy reason. Providing music to show us their calculative and advanced brains. Just like The Social Network. Corgan would represent the primal emotional drive of a primitive Earth species, motivated only by the will to survive and protect their young ones. His music is known for this visceral evocation and tender, exposed ballads. As in those previous two scores. Howard would blend the two and provide an adventurous and beautiful package of symphonic platinum. Remember how GREAT Batman Begins score was, and how uneven The Dark Knight's score ended up being? He was not there to soothe the savage beast inside of Hans Zimmer. He can blend this fierce musical battle and provide his sweeping and majestic music alongside it. They would work together beautifully (Corgan and Reznor have before, but I don't know about recently). It would be the greatest music collaboration of our generation.

Effects= ILM, Phil Tippet, and Jim Henson Studios. This will require special and visual effects that could not be done by just one studio. Stan Winston is, sadly, gone. He would have headed a wonderful and merciless drive to the extremes of amazing. Even in my fantasy, I will abide by laws of nature. I would have Tippet on anyway for the great work he did with Jurassic Park and ILM. Henson studios, I mean, come on. Do they need to prove themselves anymore? I don't want to say they get it in my fantasy because of a lack of Winston, they would be there anyway, for the Aliens side of things. The spread here would be an amazing work of pure invention. These studios would have an unrelenting march to perfection, and we would get only the best. This is my fantasy, as they say, and this is who I want working with Cameron and Morrison.

OK, that will be as far as I go. This is FAR more speculative than you will see many other places, but that is what I am here. To provide boosts to the imagination (or maybe not, just ranting and raving will do). What do you think? What would be some of your choices? I would give an arm to see THAT exact movie be made. Well...maybe a finger...I like my arm...and fingers. I will give you my new carpet.

UPDATE! William Morris is packaging this to studios. It has a real shot!

-Jaysun, from my mInd.

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  1. I really liked it. You have put a lot of thought into how this would be a spectacular film and I can't disagree with any of the choices you have selected honestly. Where can I buy my ticket?