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Sunday, May 22, 2011

UPDATE! Crisis On Infinite Orcca's

UPDATE!! Part 2!! With The Fain!!

Did anyone find our comments about Thor suspiciously absent? Well no worries because we were saving that for safely after everyone had properly borne witness to the glory of Asgard firsthand! Now we can spoil the living daylights out of it with no fear!

Speaking of no fear, Mike is apparently doubtless as to the success of (fill in that team Mike talked about here), which leads us into a prolonged conversation on America's favorite passtime. You'll never know which opposing teams you can best throw out to pretend you know something about sports if you don't listen!

Plus you get all the fascinating backstory as to how we formed this ragtag bunch of scrappy... scrappers. 

Is it new? Yes!

Is it long? Probably!

Is it composited from multiple recording sessions where we went long or talked while waiting for everyone to arrive? Maybe!

Is it entertaining? Definitely!
Don't squander my love of Shojo sports anime or I'll never forgive you! It's the most about sports that I know with confidence! Don't let me bringing up Princess Nine be for nothing!

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